Will Storage and Remote Attestation Forms

By July 13, 2016Will Storage

Will Storage and Remote Attestation Forms

A case of a lost Will can be very stressful whilst the testators’ family are already going through a difficult time following their loss, meaning a storage option should be offered to the client so the Will is kept in a safe place.


A common question WillPack are asked is ‘does WillPack offer document storage?’ the simple answer to this question is no. However, as an Affiliate member of SWW, storage is available to you via the Society of Will Writers (Services) Ltd. As part of their standard service, the Wills are scanned into their system for easy access at a later date and they check that the Wills have been signed and witnessed correctly. Via you, the consultant –  the testator(s) are then sent custody cards which provides a reference and contact details to retrieve the Will when required. Executor cards are also provided for the executors so they know where to find the Will.


When WillPack issue engrossed Wills, we provide Remote Attestation Records with each Will. These are important and must be completed and signed in the same way as the Will and the original sent back to us for our file. With these, we check who has been used as the witnesses and if this would cause any issues. If there are, we will advise you and issue new Wills (this may incur a further charge). In the case of a lost Will, the Remote Attestation together with the signed instructions and a copy Will could be presented to Probate to prove the Will.

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