Looking ahead in 2019 – Important Changes and Dates for Estate Planners

Looking ahead in 2019: Important Changes and Dates for Estate Planners

We’re now a couple of weeks into 2019 and have hopefully cleared any Christmas holiday backlogs, so now is a good time to look ahead at what’s to come over the course of the next year. Below is an overview of events to look out for: Probate Fee Changes It is expected that the new … Read more Looking ahead in 2019 – Important Changes and Dates for Estate Planners

Probate Fee Changes

Probate Fee Changes

The Ministry of Justice announced this week that the government will move forward with a new branded structure for probate fees. This system was announced last year but put on hold before the snap general election. It has been stressed that all money raised from these new fees will be spent on running the courts … Read more Probate Fee Changes

Lost Wills

Should it be the case that a Will cannot be found by family members after death, it is possible for a copy of the Will to be submitted for probate. This would be a complex procedure, with the Executors providing very detailed evidence that the copy is true to the Testator’s intentions and that the … Read more Lost Wills

Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Discretionary Trusts

The Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Discretionary Trusts These are useful trusts to use when your client has a child or another relative with a disability and who needs constant support. If this person inherits from a Will directly, this may affect what disability benefits they may receive. We can put the assets into a Discretionary Trust with … Read more Disabled/Vulnerable Person’s Discretionary Trusts

September News! Round 1

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Introduction to Guardianship

Appointment of Testamentary Guardians The appointment of testamentary guardians is rarely considered by parent, but it is highly desirable that they should consider who should look after their children if both were to lose their lives while their children are under eighteen. The appointment of a testamentary guardian can only be made by a person … Read more Introduction to Guardianship

Flexible Life Interest Trust

Flexible Life Interest Trust  Due to more complex estates and greater wealth, greater flexibility is essential to cope with any future changes to the family structure (such as new family members) and changes in the tax regime. The best way to gain the maximum flexibility is by the use of a Flexible Life Interest Trust … Read more Flexible Life Interest Trust

Roles of executors and trustees

Who are trustees? A trustee is someone who is given legal responsibility to hold property in the best interest of or for the benefit of someone else (the beneficiaries). As the name implies, the trustee acts under a “trust” to do what is best and to act in the interests of the beneficiaries and not … Read more Roles of executors and trustees


Intestacy can be a complicated issue. Difficult to wrap your head around the ins and outs, if you haven’t worked much with it before.

Below we’ve outlined the the rules in a simple flowchart to give you an idea on who will benefit from your estate if you a) have no Will or b) have no further levels of residue outlined in your Will.

Intestacy Flow Chart
Intestacy Flow Chart