Options for Inheritance Tax Planning

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Continuing from last week’s article, there are options available to the testator(s) when it comes to Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning. Some planning can simply be done by a well drafted Will, whilst others will require lifetime planning. The best approach will depend on the factors covered in last week’s newsletter. What options are available with … Read moreOptions for Inheritance Tax Planning

Considerations for Inheritance Tax Planning

IHT Considerations

An important part of estate planning is to determine if the testator has an Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability. IHT is a tax charged when wealth changes hands, most commonly charged on death, but may also be charged during lifetime. IHT is charged when assets above the Nil-Rate Band (NRB) are passed. Each person has their … Read moreConsiderations for Inheritance Tax Planning

Who can apply under the 1975 Act?

Who can apply under the 1975 Act?

Whilst any person has testamentary freedom to leave their estate however they see fit, they should be aware that their freedom is slightly restricted by the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 (the 1975 Act). The 1975 Act gives the court powers to order financial provision from a deceased’s estate to benefit certain … Read moreWho can apply under the 1975 Act?

Survivorship Clauses and Commorientes

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Survivorship clauses between spouses will often include provisions so that the survivorship period will not apply if they both die in circumstances where it is uncertain who survived the other, for example in a plane crash. The reasons for this inclusion is a very specific inheritance tax advantage where spouses die together, and it cannot … Read moreSurvivorship Clauses and Commorientes

Potentially Exempt Transfers

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Gifts made during lifetime may be considered when calculating IHT on death if they do not fall into any of the inheritance tax exemptions and allowances (see our previous newsletter). These are known as Potentially Exempt Transfers (or PETs). To be considered as a PET, the gift must be either a gift to an individual, … Read morePotentially Exempt Transfers

Inheritance Tax Review – An Update

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Potentially changing the Inheritance Tax regime is big news at the moment and the past few weeks have provided some interesting developments. As mentioned in a previous article, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has requested that the Office for Tax Simplification carry out a review of the Inheritance Tax regime. Soon after this, the Office … Read moreInheritance Tax Review – An Update

Inheritance Tax Exemptions and Allowances

Where clients are wishing to reduce their potential inheritance tax liability, there are lifetime inheritance tax exemptions and allowances they should be made aware of. For a number of these, they may need to seek regular advice from tax specialists to ensure that they will qualify for an exception or do not exceed an allowance. … Read moreInheritance Tax Exemptions and Allowances

Chancellor requests a review of Inheritance Tax

Review of Inheritance Tax

In a letter published on the 31st January, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has requested that the Office for Tax Simplification carry out a review of the inheritance tax regime. The Chancellor has acknowledged that the inheritance tax system is complex and wished for simplification to ensure that the system is fit for purposes and … Read moreChancellor requests a review of Inheritance Tax

Residential Nil Rate Band – Qualifying Residential Interest

Residential Nil Rate Band – Qualifying Residential Interest The rules for the Residential Nil Rate Band (RNRB) introduce a variety of new terms that need defining. The first of these is a Qualifying Residential Interest. The new S8H Inheritance Tax Act 1984 defines a Qualifying Residential Interest (QRI) as an interest in a dwelling which … Read moreResidential Nil Rate Band – Qualifying Residential Interest

Potentially Exempt Transfers (PETs)

Section 3A of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 provides provisions specifically for Potentially Exempt Transfers (PETs). A PET is a transfer of value which is made during the lifetime of an individual; in other words, it is a gift of an asset and provided certain conditions are met, the PET can be exempt from IHT. … Read morePotentially Exempt Transfers (PETs)