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WILLPACKWe look at wills differently

WillPack, founded by Brian McMillan (right), as a brand have been providing Wills, legal documents and services to the mortgage and financial services sector for over 30 years, making us one of the oldest names in the Will Writing profession.

WillPack is your ‘back office’; you remain free to look after your clients how you see best whilst we take care of the legal work. We don’t see working with you as just providing a product, but more about us working with you in partnership to ensure your clients receive the best advice. You will be working with WillPack in exactly the same way as you refer business to insurers and lenders.

Brian McMillan

WILLPACKDefining success together

WillPack is not a franchise nor do we work on commissions. WillPack is a back office legal department allowing you to set your own fees and trading styles. Most of our partner’s trade under their existing business name and simply offer a Will writing service as an additional arm to their portfolio, using our services to spend more time with their clients.

We offer comprehensive technical support throughout the process to make sure your client receives the most suitable documents and you receive the best service.

From the instructions you provide your case manager will produce the documents first in draft form and then fully engrossed on your approval. The finished documents are sent by first class post direct to you – not your client – for you to complete the execution (attestation) of the documents.

If you think your time is best spent selling, why spend hours in front of a computer, pouring over precedent books and employing expensive administration staff when WillPack can do it for you.