About WillPack

WillPack as a brand have been providing Wills, legal documents and services to the mortgage and financial services sector for over 25 years, making us one of the oldest names in the Will Writing profession.

WillPack is your ‘back office’; you remain free to look after your clients how you see best whilst we take care of the legal work. We don’t see working with you as just providing a product, but more about us working with you in partnership to ensure your clients receive the best advice. You will be working with WillPack in exactly the same way as you refer business to insurers and lenders.

The Society of Will Writers

Our Services

WillPack is not a franchise nor do we work on commissions. WillPack is a back office legal department allowing you to set your own fees and trading styles. Most of our partner’s trade under their existing business name and simply offer a Will writing service as an additional arm to their portfolio, using our services to spend more time with their clients.

We offer comprehensive technical support throughout the process to make sure your client receives the most suitable documents and you receive the best service.

From the instructions you provide your case manager will produce the documents first in draft form and then fully engrossed on your approval. The finished documents are sent by first class post direct to you – not your client – for you to complete the execution (attestation) of the documents.

If you think your time is best spent selling, why spend hours in front of a computer, pouring over precedent books and employing expensive administration staff when WillPack can do it for you.

Financial Advice and Will Writing have always gone hand in hand. It’s a time where people assess the assets they have and look to plan for the future. As a Financial Adviser you will no doubt recommend to your client’s that they write or a review their Wills when they have a change in their financial or personal situation, but with the hassle associated many will not get round to following your advice.

Why send them to see a Will Writer, solicitor or risk them completing a DIY Will, when Financial Advisers are best placed to offer the advice. You have already built a trusting relationship and know the intricate details of their finances, so can help them put together a concrete plan to look after their loved ones.

With families frequently straying from the traditional stereotype and tax legislation being more complex than ever a simple Will may not be the only planning your clients need. This has lead to the use of trusts in Wills becoming commonly necessary to ensure your clients wishes are accurately documented. For client’s with children from previous relationships a Trust is key to ensure their children are not disinherited. Trust’s not only add many different avenues of estate planning but as the document’s produced are more complicated it results in a larger profit for you.

By offering your clients a Will Writing service you:

  • Ensure their financial plans are complete
  • Add an additional income stream
  • Obtain good referrals in the form of executors, witnesses etc.
  • Retain complete control of your clients with no outside interference

All work is covered under WillPack’s insurance so you won’t need further qualifications to have complete peace of mind. We recommend attending our one day seminar, if you are new to Will Writing, to ensure your client’s receive the best advice but this is not compulsory.

As the amount of mortgage approvals is still less than half it was a few years ago we have had an influx of Mortgage Brokers looking to widen their portfolio’s and boost their profits. When people have a significant change to their financial situations it is highly recommended that they review or write their Wills. It seems only logical that whilst you are offering your usual service you are able to offer advice on Wills and estate planning.

Forget the stereotypes that only the older generation write Wills, just as many people in their thirties (and some even younger) are writing Wills to protect their families. The only way to control who will look after minor children should you pass away is by naming guardians within a Will. In today’s climate of complicated families, unmarried couples and children with multiple partner’s it has never been more important for the younger generation to put planning measures in place.

Not only will a lot of your clients need to write a Will, you can advise them on the best way for them to own the property they intend to buy and then recommend an array of trusts to protect their assets after they have passed away. Property Trust Wills are becoming a normal part of estate planning to protect a partner, spouse or civil partner whilst ultimately benefiting children, particularly those from previous relationships, or other nominated beneficiaries. When children from previous relationships are involved the only way to stop them from being disinherited is through a Trust.

If you do not have previous experience in Will writing or if you wanted to expand your knowledge into the realms of Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney or Inheritance Tax then you can attend one of the College of Will Writing’s regular courses. They have been designed specifically for Mortgage Brokers and can take place at our office in Lincoln or your chosen venue and cover everything from taking your first instructions to the complications that arise when leaving large sums to people with disabilities and how they need special provision within a Will.