We Are WillPack

As a professional you may not have the inclination, experience or the time to draft Wills and handle the administration required. You probably also don’t want some stranger dealing with your clients direct either. This is where WillPack comes in!

About WillPack

WillPack as a brand have been providing Wills, legal documents and services to the mortgage and financial services sector for nearly 20 years, making us one of the oldest names in the Will Writing profession.

WillPack is your ‘back office’; you remain free to look after your clients how you see best whilst we take care of the legal work. We don’t see working with you as just providing a product, but more about us working with you in partnership to ensure your clients receive the best advice. You will be working with WillPack in exactly the same way as you refer business to insurers and lenders.

The Society of Will Writers

Become a Partner

Becoming a WillPack Partner is quick and simple. Every partner is required to join the Society of Will Writers as an affiliate member. The Society has an annual membership fee of £75 a year and a one of fee of £25 towards the Professional Indemnity Fund.

In return WillPack ensures that all advice given and the documents provided are fully indemnified to £2.5m for each case we write. We can also extend cover to include Public Liability as well.

Getting Started

Becoming a WillPack Partner is easy; just click here to fill in our online registration form or contact us for more information.