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May I also take the opportunity of thanking you all for the superb service and advice received from yourselves and SWW over the years. As an old Bank Manager working in Financial Services for over 35 years – I can truly say that your standards of service are right up there.

The service that you provide is excellent, I never have any problems with any aspects.

Really happy with your services – which I reckon are gradually improving year by year.

I always have an enjoyable experience when I make a phone call and I have found that every member of staff I speak to has a can do attitude which is most refreshing and much appreciated.

Thank you for your support, I received the wills Saturday morning. This has not been a straightforward case and I appreciate all of your help and guidance. I really wonder at those will writers who write their own wills? It isn’t just about having some propriety software in order to produce wills. It is about having the necessary skill, qualification, experience and knowledge to produce a will that is what the client requires, is current with legislation and above all provides peace of mind to the client that the will is structured in such a way that their loved ones will benefit without unnecessary litigation. I firmly believe that WillPack provides this.

I would like to thank you and all of the team at WillPack for your support.

I have always had a very professional relationship with WillPack and respect the company and its staff. Never had any cause for complaint and any errors made in drafting have inevitably been caused by me. Notably Amy, Liam, Chris and Dave have all helped me deliver the end product to the customer and I cannot say anything negative about the team. A one word description would be EXEMPLARY. I look forward to the relationship continuing.