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How Attorneys Can Act

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Where a client is wishing to appoint multiple attorneys or replacement attorneys, it should be considered how these attorneys are to act. Multiple attorneys can either act jointly, jointly and severally or jointly in some matters and jointly and severally in others. Attorneys acting jointly must make decisions for the donor together and must all agree. Attorneys acting jointly and severally on the other hand can either act together or independently. Attorneys may also act jointly in some matters and jointly and severally in others. An example of this being where a donor wishes the attorneys for the Property and Affairs LPA to act jointly in relation to matters worth over £10,000 and to act jointly and severally in all other matters. On first glance, attorneys acting jointly seems very desirable. It provides an extra safeguard as all must act together and agree on the action, restricting the possibility for…

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Commercial LPAs. What they are and what they do!

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Commercial LPA Many business owners, partners and directors may not consider what would happen to their business should they be unable to make decisions for their business in the case of their mental incapacity, or if they plan on leaving the country for a long period of time. The answer could be an LPA. For many Partnerships, LLPs and companies, under the Mental Health Discrimination Act 2013, in the case of a Director/Partner losing their mental capacity they cannot be removed as a Director for that company. This will leave the company in a difficult position, where the best way around this, is to apply for a Deputyship, which as we all know is a timely and costly procedure. For a Sole Trader, if they lose their mental capacity, in most cases this would result in losing the business as there is no one able to take it on and…

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