Finding the ‘pur’fect solution for pets

Finding the 'pur'fect solution for pets

In the lead up to Christmas, we are reminded of the famous Dogs Trust slogan that ‘a Dog is for life, not just for Christmas’. A pet’s life may of course last longer than its owner, particularly if they own animals with long lifespans such as certain types of parrot. It is important therefore that … Read moreFinding the ‘pur’fect solution for pets

Potentially Exempt Transfers

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Gifts made during lifetime may be considered when calculating IHT on death if they do not fall into any of the inheritance tax exemptions and allowances (see our previous newsletter). These are known as Potentially Exempt Transfers (or PETs). To be considered as a PET, the gift must be either a gift to an individual, … Read morePotentially Exempt Transfers