Revoking an LPA or an EPA

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Revocation of EPA’s and LPA’s   Occasionally, a donor may review their Enduring/Lasting Power of Attorney and realise that their circumstances have changed since the documents were signed, and will therefore wish to change them. To achieve this, the documents need to be formally revoked.   With an Enduring Power of Attorney, the process is simple. As the document will not have been registered previously, the Office of the Public Guardian’s guidance states that a Deed of Revocation is required. This Deed will require the details of themselves and all the attorneys appointed. This includes full names and addresses. The Deed will also need to specify the date the donor granted Power of Attorney to the attorneys, i.e. the date signed. This will need to be signed and dated by the client and then witnessed by an individual independent from the Enduring Power of Attorney and kept with the Enduring…

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