Revoking a Will

Revoking a Will

There are four ways that a will may be revoked. Marriage/Civil Partnership As a general rule, a marriage or formation of a civil partnership revokes any will that a testator made before the marriage or civil partnership under S18 and S18B Wills Act 1837 respectively. There are however some exceptions to this rule. If it … Read moreRevoking a Will

Codicils – What are they and why don’t we draft them?

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A codicil is a document which is used to add to, alter or revoke parts of an existing Will. A codicil may even amend a previously existing codicil and there are no limits as to how many codicils a person could have. A codicil should mention what changes are being made, reference the Will and … Read moreCodicils – What are they and why don’t we draft them?

Lost Wills

Should it be the case that a Will cannot be found by family members after death, it is possible for a copy of the Will to be submitted for probate. This would be a complex procedure, with the Executors providing very detailed evidence that the copy is true to the Testator’s intentions and that the … Read moreLost Wills