WillsThe Law Commission Restarts their Making a Will Consultation

Many of you may remember the Law Commission Consultation into wills from 2017. On 13 July 2017, the Law Commission launched a public consultation on potential changes in the law on wills and asked for responses. The consultation closed on 10 November 2017 and responses began to be analysed by the Law Commission. The project was initially paused for the Law Commission to focus  on a consultation on weddings at the Government’s request and was later delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Law Commission has restarted their consultation into wills. Due to the passage of time since the original consultation and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on wills, the Law Commission have announced that they will publish a supplementary consultation paper on issues on which they think there may have been a shift in views. They aim to publish the consultation paper in September 2023.

We will keep a close eye on these developments and update you once the consultation paper has been published.

We wrote a detailed overview of the proposals of the Law Commission in 2017, please see our previous article for further information.

Chris Rattigan-Smith