Reminder: Office of the Public Guardian Refund Scheme

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It has been over six months since the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) announced their power of attorney refund scheme. Recent evidence however shows that only around 15% of those entitled to a refund have applied to the OPG. Due to this, we would like to put out a reminder about the scheme and … Read moreReminder: Office of the Public Guardian Refund Scheme

Co-ownership and Severance

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Where more than one person owns property, there are two ways in which the owners may own the equity of the property. Joint Tenants A joint tenancy is the most common and standard method for property to be held. Under a joint tenancy, each owner does not have their own ‘share’ in the property. Instead, … Read moreCo-ownership and Severance

Considerations when appointing Executors or Trustees

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Most testators will usually appoint their surviving spouse or partner, children, close family or friends to act as their executors and trustees. Whilst there is nothing wrong with appointing family members and friends, there are a number of points that a testator may need to be advised of. Personalities Where multiple people are being appointed, … Read moreConsiderations when appointing Executors or Trustees

Paying Fees to an Attorney

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Reasonable Expenses All attorneys are able to claim reasonable expenses they incur whilst acting for the donor. This includes expenses such as postage, travel costs and the cost of an accountant preparing annual accounts. This does not have to specifically mentioned in the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) itself but could be included should the … Read morePaying Fees to an Attorney