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Partial LPA Revocation

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After an LPA has been signed, it could be several months or years before the document is registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), or before they even need to be used. During this time the circumstances may change, and the donor may decide that he/she no longer wishes for one or more of their attorneys to act on their behalf, or an attorney may decide they no longer wish to act. In exceptional cases, an attorney may believe that another attorney is no longer trustworthy and does not wish that attorney to act. The solution to these issues can depend on the exact circumstances at the time, such as if the donor has capacity or not, or if the LPA is registered. If the donor still has the capacity to make decisions, and the LPA is unregistered, they have two choices. They could write a Partial Deed…

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Mutual Wills

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Mutual wills are wills made between multiple parties in which they are making some mutual benefit to the other parties and the parties involved agree that the wills cannot be revoked without the consent of the others. On the death of any of the parties the survivors will be bound by the terms of the mutual wills. Mutual wills are most commonly made between spouses, gifting assets to each other on first death and then over to children on the death of the second. Whilst all parties are alive, they can change their minds at any time and revoke the mutual wills. Once one party to this agreement dies and the others accept their benefit from the deceased’s Will, the agreement not to revoke becomes binding on the other parties. On the face of it, this seems beneficial, however mutual wills have numerous issues. There is no flexibility for the…

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LPA’s – Instructions and Preferences

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In Lasting Power of Attorney documents, the donor can choose to place rules or guidance within the documents themselves to state exactly how they would like the attorneys to approach certain decisions should they lose the capacity to make decisions for themselves. This can be achieved on Section 7, Page 8 of each type of LPA under Instructions and Preferences. Placing a preference into an LPA is a non-binding wish that the attorneys may consider when making decisions on behalf of the donor. An example of this could be; ‘I would like to donate £2 a month to Cancer Research UK’. When the attorneys are making any decisions regarding any preferences specified in the LPAs, they must consider if this is how the donor would act, and if this is in the best interest of the donor. If the attorneys deem such a decision is not in the best interest…

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Codicils – What are they and why don’t we draft them?

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A codicil is a document which is used to add to, alter or revoke parts of an existing Will. A codicil may even amend a previously existing codicil and there are no limits as to how many codicils a person could have. A codicil should mention what changes are being made, reference the Will and any earlier codicils by date and what amendments those previous codicils made and confirm the remaining terms of the Will. Codicils are subject to the same requirements of a Will and should therefore be signed and witnessed in the same manner as a Will. The witnesses however do not need to be the same as those from the original Will. WillPack will not prepare codicils to Wills and we instead recommend that changes be made by rewriting the Will and issuing a new Will. There are several reasons behind this. As codicils are separate documents…

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