WILLPACKContinual Professional

One of the requirements of being a member of the Society of Will Writers is that you undertake continual professional development (CPD) of 16 structured and 8 unstructured hours per year. The Society, through the College of Will Writing, offer free monthly CPD that provides 1 hour of structured CPD towards this requirement. As a WillPack Partner you are also eligible to undertake our quarterly CPD (which also provides 1 hour of structured CPD). This means that you should be able to meet the Society’s annual structured requirement without any additional cost to yourself.

While there is no requirement to submit instructions to us in order to remain a WillPack Partner, in order to access our CPD we require that you have submitted at least one instruction in the 12 months preceding that quarter’s CPD being released. This requirement is waived during the first 12 months of your partnership with us.

If you would like to sign up for our quarterly CPD please contact us.