Executors & Trustees


Many Testators will choose the same people to act as both their Executors and Trustees, however each role is very different and comes with its own responsibilities so this may prompt testators to consider appointing different individuals for each appointment. Firstly, those who will deal with the administration process of the Estate – the Executors, … Read moreExecutors & Trustees

Wills abroad

Wills Abroad Most, if not all WillPack members come across clients with assets abroad at some stage during their estate planning career. When this happens, the most important questions you can ask is, ‘what assets do you have overseas?’ and ‘do you have a Will in the respective country?’   If a client has real … Read moreWills abroad

Lost Wills

Should it be the case that a Will cannot be found by family members after death, it is possible for a copy of the Will to be submitted for probate. This would be a complex procedure, with the Executors providing very detailed evidence that the copy is true to the Testator’s intentions and that the … Read moreLost Wills

Law Commission: Making a Will Consultation

Law Commission: Making a Will Consultation The Law Commission yesterday (13/07/17) published a consultation paper on the law surrounding Wills. The consultation includes various comments, recommendations and areas for discussion. A brief summary of the main provisions of the consultation paper can be found below. Dispensing Power A number of foreign jurisdictions have what is … Read moreLaw Commission: Making a Will Consultation